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Why NOT to outsource your content development on the cheap

If you've ever consulted CrowdSource, Fiverr or Elance to get a job done, you might have been surprised at the thousands of new jobs posted every day - and the 'professionals' who were willing to do those jobs for mere pennies. Sure, we may be biased here, but after coming across this piece of 'writing' on the web, we had to post it as a cautionary example of why you really don't want to hire a writer who's willing to work for $5, even if it looks good on the balance sheet. I mean, I won't even say hello to you for $5. Here's the offending piece of text:

"Excellence is what we deliver and it is not just the marketing jargon. We believe that the only way to achieve success is to deliver excellent results, nothing else. We continuously make efforts not to meet your expectations but exceed them. There are myriad companies in India claiming to be the best SEO service providers but very few are actually capable of converting visitors into customers. And it is we, who have reached the zenith of success with countless satisfied customers and ‘n’ number of projects in our kitty. SEO is what we do and respire. Being a reputed SEO company of India, our services speak volumes about us and we do not beat our trumpet just like that. If you want your website to get noticed in the online world, let us know your requirements and get going!"

This was on someone's actual website! In front of everyone in the known universe! And that, friends, is why you want a native English speaker (who's not drugged or insane), to write your website for you. I'm not just beating my trumpet when I say, you get what you pay for. If you want real writing, now, give me a shout or hit up my contact page and we'll talk about what's in my kitty.

#badwriting #SEO

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