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Just Launched: Dominion Pardons & Waivers website

It's shocking how decades of a 'tough on crime' stance has created an entire population of Canadians who, due to past transgressions that might have been as minor as causing a noise disturbance, are not able to get decent

jobs, advance in their careers, travel, volunteer in their communities, adopt a child, or generally enjoy the same rights and freedoms as ordinary Canadians. Before I get off my soapbox, let me state that there is a solution: companies like Dominion Pardons and Waivers help Canadians who have been fingerprinted in the past, for any reason, to move past their youth or adult criminal records and get on with their lives. Why does this matter? Read the blog or find out more for you or a loved one, at

#criminalrecordexpunged #criminalpardon #recordsuspension #USentrywaiver #sealcriminalrecord

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