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Just launched: SaltZ&Co website

This is really my crowning achievement: An e-commerce website featuring my own luscious products! Okay, writing is awesome, and I do rather a lot of it and I have other interests as well. Writers are people too, you know! So in finally selling my all-natural line of fragrant, skin softening bath products, I simply had to DIY my website. After all, if I have done it for others, I should be able to do it for myself.

I'm rather happy with the results. Mosey on over to to have a look and get ready to pamper yourself with healing salt baths containing pure essential oils and potent herbs for a relaxing spa experience in your own tub. Now you know what I'm doing when I am not writing.

#Epsomsalts #seasalts #naturalbathproducts #essentialoils #aromatherapy #saltzbathscom #bakingsodabaths #bathproductsforkids

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