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Content. Freshly squeezed.

Writing that makes people want to read on. Editing that's you, only better. 

Browse through  a full range of world class wordsmithing services below, and contact me to discuss how we can craft a plan that will meet your needs. Delivered on time and on budget.

Toronto business writer, web writer, copywriter, copy editor, marketing your business
Toronto Print Writing

Paper does still exist, and mistakes still look bad on it. Say you need a brochure that sells your service, or a feature sheet that showcases your client's lovely home, or a binder full of product information to pull out during your consults - something with catchy headlines and teaser copy that compels people to read on. Your print material is literally going to wind up in your prospective clients' hands; can it withstand that kind of close scrutiny? Whatever your subject matter, style, or format, if you got it from Freshly Squeezed, the answer is yes. 

Creating a one-off menu, flyer, magnet? If it has words on it, we're good.

Toronto business writer, web writer, copywriter, copy editor, marketing your business
Copy Editing & Proofing

An editor shouldn't make you feel like a paramecium. After all, you are the creator. Whatever you have written - be it a Power Point presentation, essay, sales letter, resume, instruction manual, or e-book - it's your baby.  I share your vision and collaborate with you to create something that represents your company/knowledge/self with intelligence, integrity and clarity. We may decide it needs a few tweaks, or some re-organizing and synthesis; a complete do-over may be in order, but whatever direction we go, I'll treat your words with the respect they - and you - deserve.​


Going from complex and technical to readable and accessible? No problem.

Toronto business writer, web writer, copywriter, copy editor, marketing your business
Web & Sales Writing

If your website was a high-schooler would it be a jock or a geek? Your website should increase traffic and on-page conversions, while constantly reinforcing your brand.  Improve your street cred with professional, relatable and well-researched custom content that's SEO-friendly, user-friendly, and...well...just plain friendly. I can work with your developer and marketing team to create or rewrite evergreen pages from the ground up, tackle independent features from your blog to your social, and everything in between. 

Considering content for social media or digital advertising? Consider it done.

Toronto business writer, web writer, copywriter, copy editor, transcription, marketing your business
Transcription &

Voice to text with 100% accuracy. Whether you're a journalist who needs verbatim interview transcripts, a publicly traded company requiring a record of your AGM, or a salesperson wanting excerpts of a speech for a presentation, simply send your audio files and receive the transcript by email or shared folder, in your desired format. 



High volume/fast turnaround? Piece of cake.

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